Solar Oven Uses

The solar over with bees wax in the colander


I am constantly surprised at the use people figure out for solar ovens.  Yesterday I was over at a friend’s house that raises bees.  He has an old solar oven set up in his back yard and uses it to melt bees wax.  It is very simple he sets a bowl half-full of water in the oven and then places a colander full of bees wax on top of it.  As the water heats up the wax melts and falls to the surface of the water.  He then lets it cool down and lifts the wax of the water.  The bees wax can then be used for many uses, from treating leather to making hand cream.

You can see he just uses an old plastic bowl to to hold the water and collect the melted bees wax.
You can see he just uses an old plastic bowl to to hold the water and collect the melted bees wax.

If you have any unusual uses or recipes  for solar ovens let me know so that I can post the ideas for others to share.


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