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solar powered lanternRecently I received a solar powered lantern from .  It is called the Super Bright LED Lantern LS360 and is obviously made in Asia and probably in China.  The lantern sells on their website for $39.

The lantern has 36 LED bulbs and has several settings allowing you a choice of three levels of illumination.  With all 36 bulbs lit, it is quite bright.  When I first received it I though since it is not US made, it is probably not very good.  So for that reason I have played with it for over a month to try to see if I could break it.  I must admit it has performed well.

I started out by making sure it was fully charged and then turned on all 36 led’s and let it run down.  It gave really good light for about 6 hours and then started to dim.  After 24 hours, it was still giving a very low light so I decided to recharge it.  A few hours in the sun and the lithium batteries were recharged and the light was once again quite bright.

solar powered lanter

With all 36 led’s lit

You can set it to use as few as four led bulbs; in this configuration, it will stay lit for long periods of time.  With just the four bulbs it provides sufficient light for you to walk around and even to read if you hold the lantern close.  The second setting uses 8 led bulbs and provides pretty good light.  The light from the third setting of 36 bulbs is quite bright.

The solar powered lantern does have a hand crank as a backup source of power.  As with most of these, you do a lot of cranking to get much light, but it does work.

It also has an adapter so that you can charge it from a cigarette light or a USB port. The lithium battery stores 1500 MAH of power.

After using and misusing it for a month, I can say that I am pleasantly surprised this solar powered lantern  held up and worked well.  For the price this is a good backup lantern.


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7 Responses to Solar Powered Lantern from

  1. LindaG says:

    Thanks for the review. Much appreciated.

  2. Chuck says:

    Howard, After buying 3 of these for $22.95 each from I wound up buying a package of 3 for $45 on ebay. VERY good light.

  3. Photodoc says:

    I recently purchased two LS-360 lanterns which perform as per your review. However, no instructions were included and try as I might, I can’t figure out how to select less than all 36 LEDs.
    What’s the secret? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      The button on the side should increase in increments each time you press it. There should be 3 settings. Did you buy it at Solarpreppers?

  4. Anton says:

    Hi! what is the MaH of the charger needed? it just says DC12V i’m quite confused on what to buy? i.e 12V with 500mah or 1000mah?


  5. Bernette says:

    Good Day
    You state that this light has a

    The lithium battery stores 1500 MAH of power. Where does the battery sit. we need to replace it as it is not holding its charge. we also do not have a leaflet in the box and went to our supplier to find that none of the boxes have a leaflet.

    we reside in South Africa

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