The Solar Wise Lantern Project

solar wise lanternUPDATE: This article was originally written in 2015, and the family selling this lantern doesn’t seem to be in business anymore. However, this same lantern is sold as the Luci Lantern by our friends at Survival Frog. Here is the original article and product information.

Yesterday I received this post from a family in Wyoming whose children are working on raising money for a family reunion.  In today’s world it is nice to see children trying to accomplish things and work with their parents.  so I decided to support this effort and put up a post on it today.  I have not seen this exact lantern but have one like it and have found them to be useful. So here is the story of the kids and the solar lantern.

Hello!  My name is Lori and I wanted to tell you about a project my kids are doing, and wondered if it might be of interest for you to blog about?  My kids (Alyssa, 11, Brianne, 9, Gavin, 7, and Leah 3) along with 11 of their cousins have decided to make their own business, with 100% of the profit going towards a family reunion in 2017, when their grandparents return home from a mission.  They are knocking doors, trying to spread the word with friends, etc with the hopes to raise enough money for a Disney vacation.  Half of the cousins have never even seen an airport, so this is really dreaming big for them.  Now here is the best part, the product they are selling IS AWESOME.  Anytime we get the chance to pitch it someone, they buy it – because IT IS AWESOME.  Unfortunately, our social media reach is a small one as most of these family members live in teeny tiny Wyoming towns.

Solar Wise LnaternWhat they are selling is: Inflatable Solar Lanterns!  These lights are BRIGHT (90 lumens of light from 10 LED bulbs), LIGHT-WEIGHT (only 4 oz), COMPACTABLE (easily fit in any 72 hour kit, backpack, or glove compartment), 100% WATER-PROOF (my 3-year-old has disco parties in the bathtub with them), VERSATILE (we’ve camped with them, night-sledded with them, used them during blackouts, jumped on the trampoline with them past midnight, put them in a tent ice-fishing, floated them in a hot-tub), EASY TO USE (charge them in the sun for 6 hours, use them for 7-12 hours of bright light), HANDY (charge them in the sun, and store them away for when you need them – they will hold their charge for MONTHS) and RELIABLE (they have a 1 year warranty, and will

Lori Walker (the mom)
Alyssa (age 11)
Brianne (age 9)
Gavin (age 7)
Leah (age 3)

NOTE FROM NOAH: Our family uses this same lantern, the Luci Lantern, and have found it to be very reliable. When our power was out from Hurricane Harvey, the Luci was charged and gave off enough light for my wife to read in the early morning hours. I recommend this collapsible lantern.

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  1. Will repost this at my site

  2. Donna Zaitz says:

    Your by the best I have ever found.
    Our electricity was off for two days.because of fires and that little trooper stood up the brightest and longest. I really want to buy more. Where can I?

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