Survival Fishing Kits Belong in Your Bug Out Bag

In most of the United States, fishing is a good way to supplement your preps.  Whether you are bugging in or bugging out, if fishing is a possibility in your area you should have the supplies to take advantage of it.  Many of us have fishing equipment at home or at least the supplies to improvise a fishing pole and lures.  So today I am going to write about a small survival fishing kit you can fit into your bug out bag.

Here is a small survival fishing kit that you can put into an Altoid can.  This kit will fit into your bug out bag, get home bag, or even in your pocket.  The items in it are compact, multipurpose, and light. However, they are the bare essentials.  If you have extra room or live where fishing can be very productive you may want to customize the kit.

  • An Altoid can or similar sized container.
  • 2 Treble Hooks Size 1
  • 2 Straight Shank Hooks Size 1
  • 2 Straight Shank Hooks Size 2
  • 2 Straight Shank Hooks Size 3
  • Wire Leader 40 pound  24 inches
  • 6 Snap Swivels Assorted
  • 50 feet of 20 Pound Mono-fil Line
  • 50 feet of 60 Pound Mono-fil Line
  • 1 Small Stainless Steel Spoon (With Weed Guard)
  • 1 Medium Colored Spoon
  • 1 Large Stainless Steel Spoon (With Weed Guard)
  • 1 Single Edge Razor Blade
  • 1 Large Saltwater Hook  (Based on biggest fish in your area)
  • 2 Jig-head with White Grub
  • 1 sheet of  fishing knot instructions
  • A small piece of bright red and yellow cloth, 1 each.

Tip on how to use your survival fishing kit

If you have no bait the red or yellow cloth can be used as bait on a bare hook, if you have nothing else, bright colors attracts fish.  Try putting it on a hook and just moving it up and down until you get a strike
The fishing knots instruction sheet can double as dry tinder.
Duct tape or Ranger bands can be used around the can to keep contents from spilling out and also to use for other applications.
Fishing with bait, the easiest way is to drop your bait in and wait for the fish to bite, patience is key, but if you don’t get any strikes within 10 minutes change depth or location.

Set lines- These are best if made with barbed hooks or treble hooks so you don’t lose your fish.  Tie the end of your line to something solid like a tree or root.  Tie the other end to a rock or weight and throw the rock out into the water.  Use several lines or one long line with multiple hooks but check it often. If you leave the fish on overnight many may escape

Survival Fishing Kits
Here is a YoYo Fishing Reel

YoYo fish reels can be a good addition to your survival fishing kits, but won’t fit inside the Altoid container. Here is the link to a post on them YoYo Fishing Reels Can be Used for Fishing, Snares or Warning Devices.

You can also purchase a basic Survival Fishing Kit from Best Glide that is very similar to the one described above.

I have not tried to cover the type of fishing gear you should have at your bug in location, because there are so many variables depending on your location.  In a future post I will address this.


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5 thoughts on “Survival Fishing Kits Belong in Your Bug Out Bag”

  1. I have wondered for years before I ever heard of prepping what kind of stuff to get to fish for my enjoyment. This list was a good start. However, I remember the knots, just about all Daddy taught me. For the other stuff, he just handed me a hook to tie on, a sinker and float. Now, I could not get down and up a bank to fish, but I can dream.

  2. Excellent suggestion! Most folks would have a hard time trapping or snaring a four legged creature but filleting a fish is something most could and would do. I’d like to also add to your list:

    1) small BB shot sinkers
    2) small bobber float
    3) 6 or 8 lb test mono
    4) size 6 or 8 long shank hook

    Many areas of the country have small pond or stream fishing available so panfish will be plentiful and easily caught by inexperienced fisherman as well. Dig some worms, a cricket or grub and you’re fishing. Bank fishing at it’s finest. Remember that early morning or right before dark is a great time to locate some panfish. Thanks for the reminder on a survival fishing kit!

  3. Nice post. I love fishing and your post help me. Thanks for your nice post about Survival Fishing Kits .

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