A Review of Outdoor Survival Skills

outdoor survival skillsI first saw this book, Outdoor Survival Skills, in 1967 when it originally came out. I still have my first copy. Larry Dean Olsen, the author of this book, is one of the founders of the survivalist movement in the late 1960’s. His book is written for the person who is dropped off in the wilderness with nothing. His book teaches primitive skills.

Larry’s approach to survival is based on the idea that survival training is best achieved by learning to live off the land without manufactured gear. The book has excellent chapters on shelter, fire and water. A skills section has lots of information on stone working, bone working, making bow and arrows and trapping. There is a strong emphasis on food gathering, including wild plants and making snares.

This book is for someone who is serious about learning primitive skills. If you become adept at all the skills in this book, you could sustain yourself for an indefinite period of time, even if you chose to bug out to the wilderness. Olsen is from the southwest and the book is somewhat slanted towards desert areas, but the skills would help you anywhere. I saw the book for sale on Amazon for about $13 this morning. Well worth the money.


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