A Review of the Book “Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag”

A while back, I received a copy of the book “Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag” by Creek Stewart.  Creek is the owner of Willow Haven Outdoor a wilderness an urban survival training school located in Anderson Indiana.

This is over a 200-page book devoted to the subject of building and using a bug out bag.  Now over the years I have seen many good publications on this subject, but this is the best one.  It is broken down into 19 chapters that cover everything from choosing your pack to bugging out with pets.

One of the things that I liked about this book is that he writes about how to handle young children and older people.  It is not just another backpacking manual for the young and healthy.  As you read the book, you will see that it is obvious that he is not just another armchair expert.

This book is not going to make you into Daniel Boone over night or teach you to live in the woods for an extended period of time.  However, it will provide you with the information on how to build a good kit, whether it is a bug out bag or a get home bag.  Near the end of the book there is a chapter on bug out exercise, now I am not talking about working out.  These are training exercises you can do in a small area that will teach you survival skills.

Now do I agree with everything he says in his book, no but I always find something to disagree with.  For instance, I am not totally in agreement with his choice of weapons.  But overall, I really like the book and because of it I will make a few changes to my kit.  This is a book I recommend.


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