After the Computers Fail

I had to write something by hand the other day.  I am spoiled by computers, my handwriting has gone downhill and without spell-check, I am lost.  This set me to think, do I have enough paper, pens and pencils in my storage?  Maybe I should get an old typewriter and some ribbons.  I see them in garage sales all the time for almost nothing.

The computer has become my communications with a large part of the world, a source of information that includes the news, the weather and all the encyclopedias you could ever want.  Give some thought as to how you would get along without it.

Do you have the books to educate your children, what about next year’s calendar and how about all the information we keep in our phones or on computers.  Do you have hard copies of the phone numbers and addresses of your friends and family.

Maps, recipes, family histories, survival notes and many other things should be backed up on paper.  Now I see the trend of people buying their books on Kindle or similar devices.  If the computers fail how will it affect you.


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  1. A veteran who is preparing says:

    We have been buying paper, pencils, etc… after school begins so all the back to school sales are discounted even further. As for textbooks if we see them at a book sale we buy them, age level and how old they are doesn’t really matter. We do prefer newer textbooks though.

  2. Brandy says:

    I use my computer mostly for fun, but I have other things for entertainment (board games, cards, dice, dominos, books, etc.). I don’t have any maps nor do I know anyone’s address without my computer. I also would have no idea how to or where to pay my bills if I didn’t have my computer. I guess I will make a list and print it out and start getting some maps. The thing is maps seem to go “bad” so quickly and a road map of the US would be helpful, but what about local stuff and topographical maps and other maps. How many maps do I need? I am kind of stuck in overwhelm mood and don’t move when it comes to maps.

  3. caryn verell says:

    thank you for the lightbulb moment regarding paper and pens, calendars, and typewriters/ribbons…i am a listmaker…and i live by the paper, pen and calendar…none of which i have given much thought about. i also use tracing/tissue paper for my sewing projects. stamps are fixing to increase again in price too..

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