Alternate Uses of MRE Components

MREWhile MRE’s are normally used for food, that are several components that do have other uses than their intended ones.

MRE toilet paper can be used to start a fire.

Tabasco Sauce – A friend, who spent several tours overseas in special operations, said that they would rub a bit of Tabasco sauce under their eyes to help them stay awake.  He said that the effect would last for 30 to 45 minutes.  Don’t get it in your eyes.

Coffee package – While pulling security they would chew on the poder to help them stay awake.

MRE heater had several uses.

As a hand warmer – Fill them full of water and wrap them in something to keep from burning yourself.  Keep them in the upright position so as not to spill the hot water on yourself.

Hot Drinks – You are out camping and don’t want to make a fire.  Simply mix your drink and pour it into a plastic bottle and place the lid on top.  Place the bottle inside the MRE heater and activate it with the water. You’ll have a hot drink within minutes!

Make a Fire – The MRE heaters use magnesium powder as one of the ingredients to create their heat.  You can open the bag, extract the powder and use it as tinder to start a fire.

Heating Pad – The heaters will be too hot to place directly on your body.  However if you wrap the heater up in a towel or cloth, and keep in the upright position, they should work.

Warning – Keep in mind that the gasses given off by the heaters are toxic and flammable in concentrated doses and should not be used in an enclosed space such as a vehicle in winter, a snow den, or otherwise.  The steam is hydrogen gas and it is flammable under the right conditions.  Be careful.


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3 Responses to Alternate Uses of MRE Components

  1. Veteran Who Is Preparing says:

    MRE Pudding- cocoa pakcet, sugar, non-dairy creamer packet, and very little water mixed together. Use even less water and it works good as frosting on the pound cake.

    Some guys used to eat a couple match heads each night to help repeal mosquitoes. I never tried it.

  2. Redleg says:

    A better technique for using the MRE heater as a hand warmer is to only put about a teaspoonful of water in the heater. The water is absorbed, sets off the reaction, and you don’t have to worry about spilling water everywhere. If it gets cold just add a little bit more to restart the reaction.

  3. Blue says:

    MRE heater candle:
    Use a think plastic bottle, like a Gatorade or a LeBleu water bottle. Make a pin hole in the lid, crush up the heater element in the bag and pour into the bottle. Add a small amount of water. Allow to push the gas up and out, spark it and a small flame will stay if it isn’t too windy out…

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