Basic Mountaineering

Being a little long in tooth, I have begun to notice that many of the books in my library are older like me.  But just because they are a few years old does not mean that they are useless.  In some cases, they are better and cheaper than the new ones.

The book I want to talk about today was first published in 1961 by the San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club. Now I am no fan of theirs.  I disagree with much of what they do.  But I believe you can take good information from whatever source is available.  The book is Basic Mountaineering by Henry I Mandolf.  It is a cheaply printed little 118-page book that you can buy used on Amazon for about $5.50 to $7 a copy.

It has excellent chapters on equipment mountain travel, desert travel, and orientation among others.  Admittedly, the equipment mentioned is not always the newest and greatest, but in a real emergency, you have to learn to get by with what is available.

If you order a copy of this book I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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