Fire Starting Requires Practice

Last week my husband challenged me to start a fire with anything I could find in the yard. Well folks, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded or I thought it would be to start a fire.

We all watch these programs on TV were they are out in the woods on a survival program and have to start a fire.  Sitting in your house watching them working and working to start a fire I am thinking to myself how stupid some of them are, because they can’t get a spark or find the materials needed.

Well let me tell you I don’t make fun of them anymore. Being challenged as I was, I went out in the yard looking for dry wood and any dry grass I could find and set out to start a fire.  All he gave me was a  Swedes fire steel and nothing else, I put the grass in a little round bowl like form and put my fire steel next to the grass and started scraping away on it to get a spark, nothing happened. I kept trying and trying until I got fed up.

I finally went in the house and cut some jute from a roll, separated it so it looked like a birds nest.  Then I put it next to the dry grass and I only had to strike the fire steel twice and it caught right away.  But of course, I cheated using the jute string to start the fire.  So what would I have done out in the woods or on survival program?  Of course the out come would have been no fire of course, unless I practiced more with what I could find or took with me some items to help start a fire.  (ie. jute, matches, Vaseline soaked cotton balls, etc).

So don’t say oh, I can do that or that looks easy, anybody can do that.  Well my words came back to haunt me and I now know that I need to practice a lot more and not count on my husband always being around to help me. My next test is starting a fire in bad weather. Since I will be doing a lot of practicing from now until then, I will let you know how I do this fall.

SOOOO what is the word we need to remember: PRACTICE AND PRACTICE

Preparedness Mom


I have been trying to tell her for some time she needed to practice and not just assume she could do it.



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2 Responses to Fire Starting Requires Practice

  1. ke4sky says:

    Women’s purses usually contain a treasure trove of survival gear. That small squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol which will ignite readily with a spark from your ferro rod. A tissue, cigarette filter or cotton ball shredded and infused with petroleum jelly makes another good improvised tinder. Rubber bands burn long and hot. Lacking the lowly Vaseline, most salves, ointments or hair dressings are readily flammable. That nail file makes a good striker for a ferro rod. And given a little thought, you can find other practical uses for what nay be in there.

  2. jr says:

    I posed this same challenge to a friend of mine a while back – he proceeded to gather all the lint from his pockets, scraping the pocket liner/fabric with the back of his knife blade to get every last shred. He got enough to actually start his tinder bundle burning, in under 2 minutes, with just a few scrapes of firesteel. Totally ruined my day 😉

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