How is your Land Navigation?

Map reading is a real skill, now I am not talking about the road maps we get at triple A, but good topo maps.  Now I have a good lensatic compass and topo maps of my area.  However, they don’t do me any good if I can’t read them.

My military training was many years ago and may not have been the best on map reading.  So I figured that it is time to brush up on the subject.  Looking around for training material, I found the US Army Manual 3-25.26 Map Reading and Land Navigation is available for a free download from  I have been studying it and it appears to be an excellent manual with lots of good information.

I would suggest that you download it and print out a copy for reference and don’t stop there.  Get out and practice what you are learning.


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2 Responses to How is your Land Navigation?

  1. Art says:

    Thanks for the download link. Site has lots of other good information to download.

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