It Takes a Village to Survive in Style

I see many different ways that people are preparing to survive TEOTWAWKI.  Some are choosing to go as lone wolfs, others as isolated homesteaders.   I think in terms of a village.  A group that will cooperate together will normally survive in better shape than smaller groups.

By a village I use the term loosely, it can be friends, family, a church group, an organization or a small town.  The whole idea is that you have a number of people who will work together for the common good.  They will not all be equipped and supplied in the same way.  As with any group, some will put more into it than others.  Some of these groups will have preplanned others will just spring up.

The big advantage of a group is that you have many different skills and can share the work, I am not a gardener, but some of my friends are.  I have other talents that will benefit them.  Now I am not saying that you have a rigid command structure that dictates orders.  But you do what the pioneers did when they first came west.  You help each other.

I have supplies and I know that some of my friends do not have as much.  Will I help them? Yes, I will do the best of my ability without harming my family.  Our supplies are only a stopgap measure at best.  When the supplies run out there will be a new normality and we will have to survive in it. Developing needed skills and crafts will allow us to trade for what we need.  Having a variety of skills and sufficient numbers to provide protection may be necessary in order to keep your families safe.

If you look at almost any primitive society, they lived in tribes or clans.  This was true of the American Indians and people from most undeveloped countries.  I believe that this was true in the early settlement of the United States.  People helped one another.  In the future, this may be the key to our survival.  Take stock of your situation and find your village.


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  1. Admin, you hit the nail on the head with this one! We can’t do everything by ourselves and we need to choose our allies and associates wisely. Continue to develop skills and increase your stocks of supplies while the world is still habitable. We can’t feed everyone, and the hardest thing will be to turn away small starving children. A Mutual Assistance Group will work the best for us. Just choose your members wisely. Everyone wants to join, but some have zero skills and will just be another mouth to feed.

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