More on Windup Clocks

The subject of windup up clocks has stirred quite a bit of interest.  It seems I may not be the only one who has missed this.  My wife spend some time on the internet yesterday and found two sites that sell old fashioned wind up electric alarm clocks.  Here are the links.

Another suggestion was thrift stores; Jim says he bought two windup alarm clocks for $1.50 each.

Wrist watches seem to be more of a problem.  You can find windup or self-winding watches in pawnshops (suggested by David).  I am going to take an old one to the jewelers and get it cleaned and repaired.  Two would probably be better.  Let us know how you solved this problem.



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  1. alison says:

    I found that if I simply did an internet search for “wind up watch” that there were quite a few options out there at what looked like very reasonable prices

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