A Review of the Condor Primitive Bush Knife

condor primitive bush knifeI recently received a new knife and today I took it out for a test run.  The knife is the Condor Primitive Bush Knife that is a copy of the one Matt Graham uses on Duel Survivor.  It is an interesting knife and has some pro and con.

The biggest con that I found is the sheath.  I plain don’t like and would not carry it.  The sheath is designed so that the knife will fit in either direction.  This is supposed to make it work for left or right-handed people.  The knife fits very deeply into the sheath and since it lacks a belt loop, I find it hard to get out with only one hand.  The sheath is designed to slide inside of your belt, but I find that when I go to draw the knife with one hand the whole thing comes out and I have to use the other hand to pull the sheath of the knife.  I find this design very clumsy.  The sad part is the leather sheath is well made and of good quality.

You can see I had to grab the bottom ot the sheath to get it to come out in smooth motion

You can see I had to grab the bottom ot the sheath to get it to come out in smooth motion

condor primitive bush knife

The sheath is designed to slide inside the belt. This is the only way I could get it to sort of work










The Condor Primitive Bush Knife does what it is suppose to do.  It works like a small hatchet, but also lets you do a surprising amount of small work.  I like the overall design of the knife with one exception, the grip seems a bit small for me and my hands are not very large.  But once I wrap the grip in 550 cord, I think that will be fine.  The blade will strike sparks from a Ferro rod. Overall, I really like the knives design.  While out in the woods today found it quite effective at cutting wood and it can be use to split wood by batoning.

condor primitive bush knife

Here you can see the grind marks on the blade

condor primitive bush knife

Here you can see that the grip is narrow onf if you look at the back of the blade close you can see the cut marks.


I was a bit disappointed with Condors workman ship.  The cutting edge while reasonably sharp looked like it had been sharpened with a power grind and the edge never properly finished.  The back of the blade showed cut marks and you could tell that the blade had been cut out of a sheet of steel.  The knife just looked unfinished.  But with a little sharpening and a little work on the back of the blade it cleaned right up.

I will keep the knife and try to see what I can work out about the sheath.  But I don not think that the knife is worth the $99 list price.  Look around on the internet and you will see it is already available at much less.


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  1. Ed Harris says:

    I still have the military K-bar I was issued in 1967. There are better knives of more modern materials, but currently produced USA made Military K-bars are still one of the better choices in a utility knife which you can buy for less than $100.

    This link has an honest review and useful comments.

    A trusted vendor I have used professionally for years carries the genuine article: http://www.bestglide.com/kabar_knife.html

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