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Another Example of a Terrorist Attack and What you Need to Do

Last night as I watched the news on the sickening terrorist attack in France, I thought about how easy it is to commit such a despicable act by using something as available as a truck. According to the news, the only actual firearm the terrorist possessed was a 7.65 caliber handgun, the rifles and grenades were fake. I doubt that he had a chance to fire the handgun while driving a large truck under these conditions.

This is an example of how to commit a terrorist action without the use of firearms or explosives. This act and others show that it is possible to get firearms or explosives even in a country with strict controls. The driver had a firearm, so those laws were worthless in this case.

From the bullet holes in the windshield of the truck you can tell that this situation was ended by a good guy with a gun.  Every other day it seems some politician is screaming for more gun control.  They think that disarming the law abiding people will prevent crime and terrorism.

As a former law enforcement official and the assistant chief of a state agency, I can tell you that gun control does not work. In the most controlled environment that I know of, the prison system, firearms, explosives and other weapons are available.

The only way to stop the terrorist acts is with prevention, punishment, and border controls. Why let people who want to kill you or destroy your way of life into the country?

Some tips to help you avoid a terrorist attack

Under the current situation with terrorist attacks on the rise and protests becoming violent, you have take responsibility for your own protection. Here are some links to past articles that will provide you with information to help you protect yourself.

Now most of the suggestions in the above links are foreign to most people in this country. They will take some getting used to but they may keep you alive. Read them, teach them to your children and follow them.



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  1. Yes the suggestions in the links are foreign to folks in this country, but the world is changing rapidly for the worst, thanks to politicians here and abroad. Most of us who read this blog, are aware of what is happening(to some degree) , and many will have to adapt rather quickly, in the near future. I think it will be rather hard for some in this country to accept , as we have had a easy environment to live in for quite a while. Paying attention to the basics (stay alert, stay armed , study and improve your skills, etc) is a start. Thanks Howard, and Noah for helping with that.

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