What do you Carry in Your Vehicle?

What do you carry in your vehicle?  I always have some preps in my car.  Normally this includes my get home bag.  The contents of this bag can be seen on  http://preparednessadvice.com/seventy-two-hour-kits/get-home-bag/.  In addition to the contents of my bag, I carry a minimum of the following items.

  • Two light weight Slumberjack sleeping bags I found in a garage sale.
  • A pair of US military two quart canteens full.
  • An entrenching tool.
  • Jumper cables.
  • A couple of cans of Fix-A-Flat.
  • Two military ponchos.
  • Extra jackets and shoes or boots.
  • Misc hand tools.
  • Duct tape, electrical tape, plastic cable ties and wire.
  • A hatchet.
  • A backpack.
  • Jack and spare tire.
  • Maps of the area I am traveling in.
  • Road flares
  • Extra bottled water.
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Weapons, a personal matter, depends on the state you live in and other personal circumstances.
  • Extra items dependent on the weather in your area.  For example extra water in hot desert areas, extra cold weather gear if you are in a cold northern state.

This selection hopefully will help me in an emergency.  Be sure and read the contents of my get home bag.  What am I missing?



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6 Responses to What do you Carry in Your Vehicle?

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Winter clothes in the cold and a jacket in the summer


    Pickup Tool Box full of goodies from hand tools, shovels axes, high lift jacks, hydraulic jack, air compressor and tire plug kit instead of fix o flat, straps, chains, rope, bailing wire, electric wire repair kit

    Extra knife, lighter, flashlights, gun, water, snacks, money, AA and AAAs

    Usually my gym bag which has extra clothes and water too

    The famlies vehicles are similarly equiped but with less big tools

  2. Sam says:

    Fire extinguisher, crowbar, 5-gallons gas, and 12v winch (or come-along). We’re up north, in the woods, so have a dual fuel single burner stove in the truck used most often, and sterno/candles in the others.

  3. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    forgot to add my come along, I have the heavy duty one and it has pulled me outta many a hole. Jumper cables, which is hilarious or sad because my teen daughter had to show 5 boys at school how to use them. I have so much stuff I cant even name it all, that tool box bulges but I lack for nothing!

  4. KE4SKY says:

    In addition to what you have, I would like to see a minimum 10-lb. ABC dry chemical extinguisher, an adequate BLS kit, suchas amilitary M5 medi bag, and a means of alternate communication for incident-area use when the cell sites are overloaded, such as a 2- meter ham mobile rig, if licensed, or a CB, if not. Also a visible distress signal to drape over your vehicle, which can be seen from the air ot at least 1/4 mile away from the ground. I always carry a VS17 and have used it many times. Never has failed me. Parcon this tiny Android keyboard on my phone, almost impossible to make edits and corect typos……

  5. DAVID says:


  6. RangerRick says:

    Three other things I carry,
    1. Alum 18″ pipe wrench-will remove 98% of all door knobs / locks.
    2. 24″ bolt cutter, opens pad locks and fences.
    3. Cable lock, in case you need to lock a door / gate behind you to slow down those chasing you.
    Best Regards, RangerRick

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