What Type of Knife do You Carry?

One question that always intrigues me is what kind of knife people carry?  I normally always carry at least three knifes.  They consist of a Leatherman Wave, an older Gerber multi tools and a Spyderco.

I have been carrying the Spyderco since about 1991 and I use it almost every day.  Out of the three knifes this is the one that gets the most use.  The one I am carrying, I believe to be an early model of the one they now sell as the Endura with a 2 1/2 inch serrated blade.  The serrated blade has proved to be surprisingly easy to keep sharpened.  I sharpen it with an old Tri-Angle Sharpmaker by Spyderco, this is probably close to 30 years old.  Spyderco still sells a version of it.

From left to right, the Spyerco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker,The Leatherman Wave, The Gerber Multi Pliers the Spyderco Endura across the bottom.

The Gerber Multi tool is also from the early 1990’s.  It is called the ‘multi-plier and has blunt nosed pliers.  It is a good tool and has held up well over the years.  The Leatherman Wave is about 10 years old. You might wonder why I carry two multi tools, but it always seems like I need two to hold a bolt on both ends.  I have been quite happy with the Leatherman Wave and have found the tools to hold up well.

Surprisingly I still have both of the original sheaths and am still using them.  All three have turned out to be quality tools and worth what I paid for them.

I am asked occasionally why I carry all three, but I find they complement each other.  Between them, I usually have the tool I need, whether it is a knife blade, a small saw, a pair of pliers or a screwdriver.  I like the difference in the plier styles between the Gerber and the Leatherman.  When one won’t work, the other usually will.

There are hundreds of different styles and sizes of knifes on the market in all price ranges.  With the exception of some of the foreign made knifes, most of them will hold up well and do what they are designed to do.  Pick a good knife; take care of it, keep it sharp and it will last you for many years.

Let us know what knifes you carry?


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6 Responses to What Type of Knife do You Carry?

  1. David says:

    EDC a Leatherman Core. With any folder I want locking blades. My early model Leatherman almost folded back on my fingers once, luckily I’m not called Stumpy now. Other people have worse stories. When in the boonies, I add a Chris Reeve Shadow 4 fixed blade.

  2. ke4sky says:

    My EDC pocketknife is a stainless steel Mil-K-818 by Camillus which I was issued in 1967. It is a non-locking utility knife having the same general design as the ubitquitous “Boy Scout” knife, or the Swiss Army enlisted “Soldier” pattern, having a spear blade, awl, caplifter/screwdriver and can opener. What I like about this knife is that the stainless alloy used will actually take and hold a fine edge and that the entire knife can be cleaned, boiled or autoclaved, doused in salt water, etc. The lanyard bail is extremely sturdy, unlike the Swiss version, which is a mere key ring through the stamped sheet metal liner, which will break out in hard use. The Mil-K-818 worn over the shoulder on a long paracord lanyard, tucked in your pocket is always handy and protected from loss. Attach a whistle, signal mirror, Fenix E01 flashlight, ferro rod and a Marbles compass to complete your EDC survival kit.

  3. Prepper Blog says:

    My EDC knife is a KA-BAR Limited Edition XVI. It’s not the most expensive knife, but it never lets me down. I also have an older Leatherman that I carry in my backpack and every now and then on me.

  4. Michael says:

    Spyderco Persistence is my current EDC. How has your Spyderco held up after that many years of carry? Developed any blade play?

  5. ke4sky says:

    I have several Spyderco Clipits and Police models, and they are “OK” but less sturdy than other locking folders I have used. If the situation precludes carrying afixed blade, I want a folder sturdy enough for batoning litter poles such as a Lakota Little Hawk, or a balisong such as the Finnish Hackman camp knife, but I am dating myself and giving away where I trained for those who know.

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