winter will affect preppers

Winter Will Affect Preppers, Regardless of Where You Live


Winter is here and so far, it has been a dry year, but I see that chain control has already been in effect at least once.  If you are familiar with the Sierra Nevada Mountains, you will know that they can get snow as deep as 10 – 20 feet in the Donner Pass area.  It used to be that in the winter highway 80 was often completely blocked to vehicle travel for several months.  In the past, I had the chance to speak with people who remember not being able to cross by vehicle until the start of the spring thaw.  Imagine how winter will affect preppers.

Today we have a four lane all weather highway, that is well maintained and it still is closed several times a year.  Chain control is in effect during almost every storm.  I am sure that in other parts of the country that similar situations occur and roads will become impassable without proper maintenance.

In a severe winter, most vehicle traffic across the Sierra Mountain could be shut down for several months.  When you plan your bug out routes, do you take the weather into consideration?  I always assume that whatever happens will occur at midnight on the coldest most miserable night of the year.  Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

How winter will affect preppers of course depends largely on where you live.  In the colder northern climates where many of you reside, you have to take the cold in consideration even if you plan on bugging in.  However if you plan on traveling you have a lot more to think about.  Read the linked article my wife wrote a while back. Basic Car Maintenance and Winter She spend some years living high in the Sierras and is familiar with traveling in the snow.

Do you have snow tires, four wheel vehicles and tire chains? Do you carry the tools to dig yourselves out if you are stuck in snow or mud?  When was the last time you put chains on your car?  Have you taught your whole family how to do it?  So you have a four-wheel drive vehicle and chains and all the goodies to go with them.  When was the last time you took it out and drove through the snow on an unmaintained road?

Snow will affect preppers in many different ways.  If you live in the south, it may be minimal, but wherever you live, it may affect you.  For example if you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you are well below the snow, but it would cut off all travel and most communication routes to the east.

Also, don’t forget to Winterize your home and preps Before You have Problems.  Plan ahead, practice and stay warm and dry.


2 thoughts on “Winter Will Affect Preppers, Regardless of Where You Live”

  1. Prepardness Mom

    The one thing I wanted to add to today’s article is that, if you happen to hit a patch of ice and spin out with your vehicle and your stuck in snow, hopefully everyone is ok, after a quick check of your car you get in and you try to start it without success. Well check your tail pipe and see if it is also in the snow. Dig it out and make sure the it is clear of snow and then try starting your car. Am not saying that this is what is wrong, but it happened to me. Drive safely and slow in snow.

  2. We rarely use chains here in the northeast, mainly due to all the salt that gets put down on the roads, but it’d be a good idea to still have them. If all heck breaks loose the roads won’t get plowed, let alone salted, so they should be considered.

    Propane and pellets for heat plus access to a wood stove if the other two run out. We believe in in three levels to insure that we’re well covered.

    A winter kit for all vehicles is essential up here considering the temps go welll below zero. Anyone that doesn’t have one is asking for trouble.

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