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The 10 Best Reasons to Bug In and NOT Bug Out!

bugging out, bugging in, evacuation plans, bug out location, bug out bagI like the idea of bugging out as much as the next guy, testing my mettle against zombies and a world without a power grid.

The reality is that most of us, by far, will be better off in an SHTF scenario staying right where we are — at home. The reasons to bug in far outweigh most other options. Over the years I’ve given this a lot of thought because like a lot of you, I, too, was swept up in all the glamour of planning to bug out. It’s the stuff prepper novels are made of but it’s what I call over-rated prepper advice!…

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Earthquake Safety

In light of the earthquake on the east coast, I though now may be the time to post some reminders about earthquake safety.

If you are inside when the shaking starts, you should:

• Drop, cover, and hold on.  Move only a few steps to a nearby safe place.  Most people
injured in earthquakes move more than ten feet during the shaking.

• If you are elderly or have a mobility impairment, remain where you are, bracing
yourself in place.

• If you are in bed, stay there, hold on, and protect your head with a pillow. You are
less likely to be injured if you stay in bed. …

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A Good Medical Book for Your 72 Hour Kit

Wilderness and travel MedicineHaving a small complete medical book to put in your bug out bag or seventy two hour kit has always been a problem for me.  It needs to be small, lightweight, simple to understand and packed with good advice.

After looking at several good possibilities, I have decided to go with the 3rd Edition of “A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine” published by Adventure Medical Kits. This 190 paged, Pocket-Sized book goes far beyond traditional first aid.

It provides information on

Gunshot Wounds and Arrow Injuries
Includes vital information on gunshot wounds, arrow injuries and treating complications such as tension pneumothorax, sucking chest wounds, shock, stabilizing an impaled arrow and controlling bleeding.…

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