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6 Ways to Survive a House Fire

Survive a House FireHaving spent many years either as both a fireman and an arson investigator, I have been inside many burning buildings. Since I worked at a state level, I put on training classes for locals and had the opportunity to start fires in many building that were scheduled to be destroyed.  I have probably been involved in the burning of as many as 50 buildings in various training scenarios.

During this time, I have spent time in burning buildings both with and without breathing apparatus. What I want to write on today is how to exit a burning structure. The situation that is of most concern is waking up in the night to a fire.…

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Home Security Tips Part 2


  • Is your heating system in proper working order and inspected for dangerous leaks yearly?
  • Is there ample air circulation around appliances that are likely to overheat?
  • Are there any overloaded circuits, long extension cords runs, or too many devices plugged unto one outlet?
  • Is your fireplace or wood stove chimney free of dangerous build ups that could catch on fire?  Do you get your fireplace and wood stove chimney cleaned on a regular schedule?
  • Do you have a protective grate in front of fireplace to prevent sparks, hot logs from rolling into room?
  • Is your kitchen oven hood clear of greasy build-up that could cause a fire?
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