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It’s time to cook all the apple things possible. Apples are available  for pies, cobbles, canning, apple butter, apple leather. Use your imagination and you can come up with a lot of good stuff.

Here are a few Apple Leather recipes you might like. I don’t like making things that take forever. I always want simple “get it done” recipes.

Prepare about one quart chopped apples, removing cores but not skins.  Place enough water in a blender, with a few chucks of apples, start blending action. Keep adding apples until consistency is that of applesauce.

Prepare plastic wrap: about 12×18, held down with tape, so it doesn’t curl.…

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Are You Ready for Winter?

The seasons are starting to change again.  The fall season and the thought of apples have me sniffing the air for cinnamon and spices.  I can think of all kinds of recipes for apples; canning, drying and freezing, cakes, cobblers and pies.  Even making chutney and minced meat, I haven’t made either for a long.

We went to a family gathering Saturday in Vacaville; on the drive there I was watching all the fields drying up and thinking another season is almost gone.  How many of us have taken advantage of all the fruits and vegetables summer had to offer?

Peaches and Pear: If you can or dry it’s a good time to buy, try going to some road side stands, they might give you lugs for a set price.  …

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