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How to Replace an Ax Handle

This is a Forest Service technical bulletin it is the best article I have seen on how to replace a ax handle.  In a real emergency knowing how to replace tool handles can be the difference between success and failure.  This is a bit different that what I have done in the past, however I think it is better than my method.


Tools for Rehandling

Photo of a man wtih an ax in the vise.

About Rehandling

Wood handles are common to most trail tools and are the most common type of replacement handle. Hickory makes the best handles for impact tools because it combines hardness and stiffness with excellent resiliency.…

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How to Fix Loose Ax or Hammer Handles

Metal wedge

Loose ax or hammer handles can be a very irritating and dangerous problem.  So what do you do to solve this issue?  Years ago, I used to soak the ax or hammer in a bucket of water, the handle would swell and the problem was solved.  Of cause a few days later, the problem would be back and worst than the first time.  I have since learned not to soak an ax or hammer in water.  This just makes the wood cells swell, and then when they shrink again, the cells are even smaller than before, so your handle becomes looser because of the soaking.…

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