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Bartering After TEOTWAWKI, Is It a Good Idea?

barteringPersonally, I intend to do some bartering, if things fall apart.  Now what you trade and how you go about it is a bit complicated.  First there is two things that I would be very careful about who I bartered with, ammunition and alcohol.  Now I know that many people have stored extra ammo with the idea that it will be good trading stock.  I believe that there will be a demand for many different types of rounds, particularly 22 and 12 gauge birdshot for hunting.


Don’t be this guy

When you trade ammo, you want to be sure that it is not going to be used on you. …

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Bartering, For many a Lost Art


When I was much younger, I lived near Mexico and got to spend some time below the border.  One thing that always amazed me was the way most Americas shopped in the stores. In Mexico, it was accepted that you bargain, most Americans would not do it they would just pay whatever was asked.  Most of the items were priced double what the storekeeper expected to get.  This was to give him bartering room.  They loved the people who paid full price.

Bartering is an art form; you need to practice it to become proficient.  There are opportunities everyday to practice.  …

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