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Turn Your Homemade Battery Packs into a Solar Generator

A couple of days ago I showed how to make a simple 12 volt battery pack, Homemade Battery Packs Are Inexpensive and Easy to Make.  Today I am showing how simple it is to charge the battery packs with solar power. This is the same thing that you pay a lot of money for if you purchase a commercial solar generator.  I use these packs for running lights, charging batteries, and running my ham radios. Their uses are only limited by your imagination.

The one weakness of these packs is that the batteries are sealed lead acid and need to be replaced every few years.…

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Homemade Battery Packs Are Inexpensive and Easy to Make

A few years back I made some 12-volt battery packs following a design made by a friend.  Since then I have used these batteries on different occasion with great success.  So today, I am going to post the original article with some additional suggestions that I have learned from practically experience.

Here is the first article on battery packs

A Simple 12 Volt Battery Pack.

You can make your own

battery packs

50 cal ammo can, notice cigarette charger

A friend of mine made some battery boxes using 50 cal ammo cans and 12-volt burglar alarm batteries.  They are very nice compact units that will provide 14 amp hours of power. …

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