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How to Make Bannock Bread

As my wife will verify, I do a lot of things in the kitchen, but baking is not normally one of them. Well yesterday, I felt like baking some fresh bread so I decided to make some bannock. Learning how to make bannock has been on my list of things to learn for a while.

How to Make Bannock Bread

Bannock seems to have originated in Scotland, but it became very popular in the wilds of Canada and the American West. It is easy to make and does not even require a pan to cook it. Kids would enjoy learning how to make Bannock bread, as it can be cooked directly on the hot coals.…

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5 Pioneer Recipes Our Ancestors Made

pioneer recipesWhen we have to live off our food storage, we will have to adapt to a diet that is similar to what our pioneer ancestors ate. Since we will not have the prepared, convenience foods many people are used to, or the variety we are used too, it will benefit us to know how those old-timers cooked. Here are some examples of pioneer recipes.

Cornmeal Pudding

  • 3 Cups cornmeal mash
  • 2 Tablespoons flour
  • 5 Beaten eggs
  • ½ Cup melted butter
  • 1 Cup molasses
  • ½ Cup milk
  • Juice and rind of 1 lemon

Stir together and cook over an open fire.…

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Foods Used by Travelers on the Oregon Trail

Here is an interesting article I found written to provide information to travelers on the Oregon Trail.  This may help you to realize just how simple a diet we can get by on.

An article from the St. Joseph, Missouri Gazette dated March 19, 1847:


Mr. Editor; Subjoined you will find a list of the principle articles necessary for an outfit to Oregon or California, which may be useful to some of your readers. It has been carefully prepared from correct information derived from intelligent persons who have made the trip.

The wagons should be new, made of thoroughtly seasoned timber, and well ironed and not too heavy; with good tight beds, strong bows, and large double sheets.…

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What do You do When Your Yeast Runs Out or Gets Old?

You are getting ready to make a few loafs of bread from your freshly ground wheat and you grab your yeast and see it is a few years old what do you do?  You don’t want to waste the food by using bad yeast. It is simple you proof the yeast by mixing a small quantity of yeast with an equal amount of sugar.  Add the mixture to warm water (105-115 degrees).  Active yeast will begin to expand and become bubbly within five to ten minutes.  If this reaction takes longer, you can still use the yeast, but you will need to use more than normal. …

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Spelt Bread and Spelt Pancakes

These are some recipes that my mother in law uses.  She is almost 90 and her and my father in law still make their own bread. We have had both at her house and since we got a supple of spelt thought I would make some.spelt pancakes

•    16 cups ground spelt flour or what ever you end up with after grinding
•    7 cups water
•    2 tablespoons salt
•    2 tablespoons lecithin
•    4 tablespoons lemon or grapefruit juice
•    4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
•    1/2 cup honey
•    4 tablespoon yeast (rapid rise)

This makes six loaves bread
Put all the ingredients in mixer bowl except flour and yeast, Put ½ cup flour on top of wet
Ingredients and sprinkle yeast on top mix for 30 seconds, continue adding flour until it
starts pulling away from sides of bowl.…

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A Good Bread Recipe

OK my dad keeps asking me to post my bread recipe so here it is.  This is a recipe that I use to make bread with all the time.  In the last 10 months, I have bought bread just a hand full of times, on vacation, and a few loaves of the Texas toast for French bread.  Other than that, this is the bread we have been eating for toast, sandwiches, or just a yummy slice of warm bread with butter and honey.

I make it in my kitchen aid, but can be done by hand allowing more mixing and kneading time of course. …

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