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Foods for Bug Out or Get Home Bags

Recently I wrote a post on my belief that most preppers would end up having to bug in. Now even though I believe that, I still have a bug out bag and a get home bag in my car. Always have as many options as possible. A question that always seems to come up on bags that are kept in the car is what type of food will withstand the changes in temperature.

Over the years, I have seen all types of suggestions, from just a plain sack of whole-wheat berries to freeze dried meals. Now where I live foods in the trunk of my vehicle will be exposed to 100 degree F plus temperatures in the summer to below freezing in the winter.…

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New Ideas on Get home and Bugout Bags

While my primary plan has always been to shelter near my home, I believe that you always need at least a plan B, if not C and D. Back in the sixties, I can remember working on my first bugout bags. It was a simple 72-hour kit. It consisted of the absolute basics. Since then my kits have went through many evolutions.

Today I have three levels of get home or bugout bags.

The first is always in my car, this is my get home bag. It is designed to do just what the name implies, give me the ability to get home in an emergency.…

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More on Unethical Suppliers of Preparedness Gear and Foods

This is a post from a friend Firebob, he is an very knowledgeable and experienced individual.   He sent this in as a comment, however I though it should be a post.


I agree completely with the advice to beware of premade kits. I have been involved with a variety of preparedness, and lack thereof, for several decades. As background, I am an engineer by training, and also long-time firefighter, medic and outdoors guy. My early backpacking began with a pack similar in quality to, or even slightly better, than those I see in the per-assembled kits. The first time I used it, it got me the five miles INTO where I was going, then fell apart, leaving me to my imagination on repairs and getting back OUT of there with the other equipment.…

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Unethical Suppliers of Preparedness Gear and Foods

I spend a fair amount of time reviewing websites that deal in preparedness products and foods.  Because of this, I have become convinced that some very unethical dealers are trying to take advantage of the movement.

Because of possible legal problems, I am not going to name names.  However, I will tell you some things to watch for.

Just the other day I saw a kit selling for $995.00 that included a bug out bag and 90 days food.  Sound like it may be ok.  Then you start reading the fine print.  The 90 days food consists of 20 3600-calorie lifeboat rations and one 60 Serving Food Kit of Wise food. …

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A new look at bug out bags

This post will introduce Wyoming Steve, who will from time to time submit articles.  He is very knowledgeable on preparedness  and survival.  Sometimes our opinions will differ slightly, but that’s ok it doesn’t mean either one of us is wrong.  It just means we might approach a problem from different directions and it gives you another view point.  The following is his list for a bug out bag or seventy-two hour kit.



72 Hour Kit Checklist

Warmth and Shelter


(   ) Mylar Bags, sleeping bags (   ) First Aid Kit
(   ) Metalized Thermal Blankets (   )  First Aid Handbook
(   ) 20 Hour Hand Warmer Packets (   ) Bug Spray
(   ) Rain Ponchos (   ) Sunscreen
(   ) (   ) Dust Masks
(   ) (   ) Safety glass’   (wind)

Food & Water

Personal Needs/Sanitation

(   ) per day MRE’s (   ) Toothbrush
(   ) Water Containers (   ) Toilet Paper
(   ) Dehydrated food (   ) Diapers & (1) Wipes
(   ) Well bucket, PVC (   ) Women Personal Hygiene
(   ) Water purification (   ) Bar of Soap
(   ) Plastic bags  (large black) (   ) Comb and Gel
(   ) Mess kit (   ) Aspirin etc.
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