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5 Pieces of Overrated Prepper Advice

I’m a skeptic of just about everything. My wife will tell you I was born disgruntled and contrary, so when I hear certain pieces of prepper advice, again and again, I can’t help but question it. In no particular order, here are 5 pieces of overrated prepper advice that drive me crazy.

  1. Stock up on lots and lots of wheat. Okay, we did that and then realized that our family eats very little bread and we feel a lot healthier on lower-carb diets. My wife buys one loaf of Ezekiel bread (tastes like sandpaper to me, but she likes it), keeps it in the freezer, and it lasts for 3-4 weeks.
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The 10 Best Reasons to Bug In and NOT Bug Out!

bugging out, bugging in, evacuation plans, bug out location, bug out bagI like the idea of bugging out as much as the next guy, testing my mettle against zombies and a world without a power grid.

The reality is that most of us, by far, will be better off in an SHTF scenario staying right where we are — at home. The reasons to bug in far outweigh most other options. Over the years I’ve given this a lot of thought because like a lot of you, I, too, was swept up in all the glamour of planning to bug out. It’s the stuff prepper novels are made of but it’s what I call over-rated prepper advice!…

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8 Exit Plans Every Serious Prepper Should Have In Place

exit plans preppersMatt Drudge created a bit of a stir a couple of years ago with this Tweet:


I’ve been a Drudge Report reader for over 20 years and have often said a prayer of thanks for Matt’s consistent dedication to exposing corruption. That Tweet, though, that has been stuck in my head ever since I saw it. “Have an exit plan…”

As a prepper, I suppose I have a number of exit plans. Some are quite thorough and have become reality with marked up maps and a few bug out bags. However, Matt’s warning has recently caused me to think twice about my preparedness.…

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14 Thoughts on Finding the Perfect Bug Out Location

bug out location While I am not a fan of bugging out, I realize that situations can force any of us to leave our homes. Of course the perfect bug out location is to have a fully equipped home in a good area of the country. That’s just common sense, but most of us can’t afford that, so what are our options?

You can find friends or relations that you can join in an emergency. If you make prior arrangements with them and stock some supplies, you will probably be welcome. Don’t just make the mistake of showing up and expecting that they will take care of you.…

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Make the Decision on Bugging Out Ahead of Time

Bug Out Ahead of TimeOn a trip to Pacific Northwest, as I sat in a nice warm house watching the wind and rain, I thought about what it would be like bugging out under those conditions. Even with a good 4-season tent and sleeping bag like this one, it would be hard to stay dry, even if you weren’t traveling. If you had to move, there is no way you could stay dry, and it would be hard to avoid hypothermia, especially for the very young and old.

As I get older, I’m starting to realize that what I did when I was young and in the military is not as practical now.…

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Finding a Good Location to Permanently Bug Out To.

You have decided to move, where too?

Let’s assume you have the money and means to move anywhere you want and resettle.  What would be the criteria you would use to find the perfect retreat location?  Now I am assuming that this would probably be your main residence.

After lots of thought, I have come up with the following list of suggestions.  I have posted some of this information in the past.

  • I would want to be on the edge of a small town, one just large enough to have at least a small hospital and doctors.  Maybe 2-5000 people.  No larger.
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