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How to Protect your Home from Burglars

Here is a post that was sent to me, that gives some good ideas on preventing burglary.


One of the most common crimes in the world is burglary, but it is also one of the easiest to prevent. If this happens in your home, hopefully you or your family members are not home. A burglary can have a major impact on a person’s life, whether he or she was present or not. It can be financially damaging especially if the personal belongings and cash were taken.

burglarsBreak-ins can be easily prevented. There are a lot of things that can help you secure your home, and many ways to prevent burglaries from happening to you.…

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  • securtiy door3Do you have metal security doors and are they properly installed.
  • Do you keep a hidden house key outside the house where it’ can be found?  Burglars know where to look.
  • Is your home well lighted with particular attention to exterior doors?  Are your lights on timers, photo cells or motion detectors?
  • Can your main entrance be seen from the street?
  • Are your exterior doors at least 1-3/4 inch solid core?
  • Do all your exterior doors have heavy duty dead bolts and reinforced door frames?  A solid door with a weak frame is easy to kick in.
  • Can anyone gain easy access through a mail slot, dryer vent, or pet entrance?
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