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Beware of These 5 Prepper Scams

prepper scamsThe other day I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, warning me that the IRS was about to file a lawsuit against me for back taxes, and of course, they wanted money.  Two things immediately clicked in my head. First, I knew that the IRS would not contact anyone in this manner. They always contact by mail or they show up at your door. Second, I knew that my taxes were paid. So I laughed at the caller, hung up, and reported their phone number to the authorities. This got me to thinking about various scams that I see being spread around the internet aimed at preppers.…

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How Many Calories, do You need for a Year?

Today I may make some people mad, but I strongly feel that this needs to be said.  I see a lot of recommendations for what equals a year’s supply of food.  Some of these recommendations would kill you.  For instance, I recently saw the following list suggested as a year’s supply for a family of four.

Calories for a year

  • 90 lbs. of white rice
  • 22 lbs. of kidney beans
  • 22 lbs. of barley
  • 22 lbs. of yellow lentils
  • 5 lbs. of split green peas
  • 5 lbs. of garbanzo beans
  • 1 lb. of salt
  • A big box of beef and chicken bouillon.
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