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How to Choose a Good Campsite As a Bug Out Location

It seems that these days the internet is filled with articles about bugging out. It sounds like many of you have decided that this is a better cause of action than bugging in. That very well may be the best choice for you. The question remains, though, if you are planning on bugging out, even as a last resort, where are you bugging out to? Do you have a bug out location that is stocked and ready or are you going to be one of many looking for a semi-permanent campsite?

If you are among the group that will be looking for a campsite, here are some suggestions that may help you.…

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How to Select a Campsite

The other day I was talking with one of my grandchildren, who is going camping with his scout troop in a couple of days.  We got into a discussion of how to decide where to build your camp.  I soon realized that this is a subject I need to address in a bit of depth.

Here a few simple rules that will help you.

  • Stay out of low-lying green grassy areas, these will collect water if it rains and the ground may be damp.
  • Camp uphill from streams or rivers.  This will protect you from flash floods and sudden rises in water levels created by releases from dams.
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