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How to Seal a #10 Can

Sealing Cans is easy.

We sealed a 190 cans of wheat and legumes using a #10 can sealer belonging to the LDS Church.  Five of us were able to seal these in just under two hours.  The cost of the cans is $1.00 each plus tax. The following You Tube video shows just how easy it is to use the can sealer.  The finished product should be good for 25 to 30 years.


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Hand Crank Can Sealers

My old can sealer

My old can sealer

I have an old hand crank number 10-can sealer I bought about 1982.  Since then I have used it to can a lot of food.  However what I want to mention here are the other good uses of the cans.  For instance, I have canned lots of strike anywhere matches.  This protects them against moisture damage.  First aid supplies can be canned to protect them from damage.  Any small breakable items can be wrapped in padding and sealed in cans.

I have not tried it yet but they may work well as faraday cages if you place insulation between the stored item and metal. …

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Dry Pack Canning Supplies

I know there is some interest in dry pack canning and where to get the needed supplies.  The canning machines are fairly available.  However, they are not cheap.  Depending on the model, they can cost between 600 to 1500 dollars.

Sources of supply

Embarcadero Home Cannery 510-535-2311, website http://www.ehcan.com/CanSealers.html.  I have dealt with them in the past to get extra parts and have found them to be reliable.

The electric canner  that I was using to can the rice is from Gering & Son, Nampa Idaho, 208 466-9003 website http://www.geringandson.com/canner.php.  This is a good machine and has proved to be very reliable. …

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