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Storing Salt and Sugar for Preserving Food

storing salt and sugarSomething that is often forgotten in people’s preps is salt and sugar. Now, the reaction of most people when I tell them to store salt and sugar, is that these are not important items. Some even make the statement that for health reasons you should not store them. I am as health conscious as most people and try to avoid things that are bad for me. However eating sugar and salt is a better option that starvation, which can occur if you are unable to preserve your foods.

My wife and I have spent quite a bit of time learning different ways to preserve foods.…

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Canning Bacon is Easy

Canning bacon

Home canned bacon

Recently I have seen quite a few questions on canning bacon.  This is something that we have been doing for some time.  The recipe that we use is similar to the one in the USDA Home Canning Book that refers to strips, cubes, or chucks of meat (chapter 5, page 6).

The bacon that we can always has some grease on the bottom of the jar.  When you heat the bacon up this can be poured off or used to provide additional calories in an emergency situation.  The bacon tastes good, but is a bit crumbly.  We rotate it into our regular diet and normally use it in a year or so.…

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Preserving Meat and Fish

Canned meat

Preserving food is an art that is as old as mankind.  In the last 150 years since the advent of canning, many new methods of preserving foods have been developed.  Today we have many choices that were not available to our ancestors.

Today I want to talk about the various methods that are available for preserving meat and fish.  I have broken down the various methods into six different categories.

Freezing of fish and meat.  If you live in the right climate, you may be able to use nature to freeze your food in the winter.  Other than using nature, freezing requires the use of electricity. …

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It is Time to Preserve the Fruits and Vegetables From Your Garden

Our dehydrator is running full time these days.  My wife is drying a large variety of foods.  In the last few days, she has dried tomatoes, beets, beet greens, zucchini, yellow squash, green onions and hot peppers.  During the summer, we dry a large amount of food, some to use this coming winter, some for our storage.

If it is to be used in the near future, we place the food in plastic bags and store it in plastic food grade buckets with gamma lids or in glass jars.  For long term, we place the plastic bags inside Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber. …

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Canning for Summer, are You Ready

The time is near where you will be using all the kitchen implements again for canning, dehydrating, juicing or your pressure cooker.  Now is the time to check for worn and cracked lids or pots that may not seal tight. Everything should be checked and cleaned and ready for the new season.  I stuffed most of mine in the garage and I know they will need washing and I need to check the pressure cooker valve, also.

And of course all the little items that go with them, so you can find them faster. For canning, you have the jar holder, funnels, stick to push the food down in the jars and of course, the magnetic stick for the lids you take out of the hot water. …

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Scrounge Free Food

Here is a sample of the fruits my wife has dried in the last week

My wife is a scrounge she finds free foods all over the place.  I think she knows where every fruit tree within 10 miles is located and who owns it (slight exaggeration).  However, she does have a whole network of friends who give her fruits and vegetables all the time and she happily preserves them.  A lot of them are people she has met through church, who have similar interests.

They watch for food growing in people’s yards that are not picked and will stop by and talk to them. …

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Make Your Own Pectin for Canning

Its easy and inexpensive

We all go to the store and buy liquid pectin, but why it is so easy to make.  Pectin is a natural substance that’s found in all fruits.  Apples and crab apples contain the highest concentrations of pectin.  As fruit ripens, it loses pectin.  Barely ripe fruit will have the most natural pectin.

1. Slice about 4 pounds of washed, tart green apples under-ripe apples.  This is best done in the early summer).  Place apples in a stainless steel saucepan.  Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Add enough water to barely cover and bring to the boil. …

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Canning Hamburger is Easy

Cook it first

The only difference between canning stewing beef is that hamburger needs to be cooked first.  Sauté the hamburger and place it in a colander.  Allow the fat to drain off.  When the hamburger has cooled down can it similar to beef.

  • First, I washed all the jars and get the rings and lids together.
  • Next, I warm the lids in a pan of hot water.
  • I put the hamburger in the jars.
  • Pack your jars and use a rod to push down and get all the air holes out.
  • Fill the jar with boiling water, leaving an inch at the top.
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Making Good Plum Jam

Plum Jelly

Now I know why this little jelly is so expensive. My son loves it but won’t spend the money to buy it unless it’s a very special kind. (What ever that means) Any ways I made this jam 2 years ago and finally ran out so decide to try it again.

My first try two years ago was great, the plums were from the market and their size was like a small peach. They were easy to peel and pit but pricey.  In my old age I am thinking cheap so yes I found a tree behind another son’s house with the fruit falling off and rolling down the hill.  …

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How to Can Chicken

Learn how to can chicken

Preparing the chicken

I found some chicken legs and thighs on sale and since my husband only likes the dark meat, it was perfect for canning.  Of course, it all needed skinning and splitting, but I felt good that day and started the process of mangling the chicken.  I bought three 10-pound bags and wondered if I was crazy after the first bag.  My hands felt like they were being put through the ringer.  Needless to say, they were sore and swollen after three bags, but I was determined to get it done.  After some Tylenol and an arthritis pill later, I was good to go again.  …

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