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A Car Safety Feature that Could get You Killed!

One of my cars has a so-called safety feature that concerns me.  As soon as you put it into gear, the lights automatically come on.  Now under normal circumstances this is not bad.  It definitely makes you safer during normal driving.

But what about during an emergency situation in which you want to move the car and avoid detection.  If you need to leave a location or move your car clandestinely at night, you need to be able to turn the lights off.  Imagine throwing it into gear and the lights automatically come on.  Your cover is now blown.

Many of the newer vehicles have this feature. …

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Old Cars and TEOTWAWKI

1962 Chevrolet Pickup

1962 Chevrolet Pickup

My first car was a 1953 Chevrolet that I bought for $50 in the summer of 1960.  It had a blown transmission and I was able to find a replacement for the princely sum of $10.  Now I have no real mechanical ability, but a friend and I were able to get the car running.  Even someone with my limited skills could perform a tune up and even rebuild an engine.

Today I have a couple of vehicles.  My newest is a 2007 Subaru.  It is a nice little full time four-wheel drive car.  I like to drive it. …

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