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Charcoal for the Treatment of Diarrhea or Dysentery

charcoalDiarrhea or dysentery is often caused by food poisoning or exposure to contaminated water.  After TEOTWAWKI, this would become more common due to lack of refrigeration, clean water and good hygiene.

In the old Special Forces Medical handbook, there is an appendix, called Primitive Medicine in a Survival Situation that discusses this issue.  This was written by a doctor that spent time in a North Korean Prisoner of War Camp where they had a real problem with severe dysentery.  They set the standard for dysentery at 25 stools per day, 8 to 10 was considered normal and 15 just simple diarrhea.…

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Dutch Oven Cooking with Charcoal

Minimize smoke and odor while using a Dutch oven

There are several ways in which you can cook on a Dutch oven, but a common one is to use charcoal.  This minimizes smoke and odors. Cooking with wood produces more smoke and requires a substantial amount of wood to create the coals you need.   The charcoal is normally placed both on top of and underneath the Dutch oven.

A general rule of thumb to produce approximately 350° of heat is to take the diameter of the Dutch oven and double the number.  You then use that many total briquettes.  For a 12″ Dutch oven, you would use 24 briquettes or for a 14″ oven, you would use 28 briquettes, and so on.  …

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New Preparedness Projects

Today is a different type of blog instead of giving information I am asking for it.  A friend and I are working on several long-range projects and are looking for people who have information that may be helpful.

The four we are currently researching are.

One, wood gasification or running gasoline motors on wood.

Two, we would like to build a press to form charcoal or fuel briquettes.

Three, there are many olives available in our area; we would like to build an olive press.

Four, running an alternator by wind power.

In you have information that you feel would help us we would appreciate you sharing. …

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