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Protecting Children During TEOTWAWKI or Other Emergencies

protecting childrenIf you are a parent or grandparent you always worry about protecting children from harm during any life threatening emergencies. Now when I mention harm I am including psychological damage that can be caused by us creating an atmosphere of fear.  We don’t want to stress our children out.

After giving this some thought and research I have came up with the following steps for protecting children

1 – Don’t scare them.  Don’t start with camo face paint, smoke bombs and talk about killing people or violence.

2 – Make them feel safe.  Here is the story of one young child who was raised in hurricane country and was faced with the threat of storms on several occasions. …

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Don’t Forget About the Babies

While I am on the subject of childbirth, I decided to rerun an article my daughter Jen wrote a couple of years ago.  As she mentions in the article she has five children and always has the necessary supplies on hand to take care of them.


Hello all, this is Jen again.  I told my dad he needs to add some things for people with children, so he asked me to write something up.  I am a mom of 5 kids and so I feel it is also very important to store extra things for babies and kids.

Who wants to be trapped with a baby and no diapers or formula? …

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