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Is Firewood a Part of Your Emergency Preparedness?

We all know that water is the Number One consideration when it comes to survival. Three days without the wet stuff, and you’re pushing up daisies. Besides water, have you ever thought of the availability of wood as a survival must-have? Have you stocked up on firewood for survival?
firewood for survival
Back when we lived in the Phoenix area, I realized one day how desperate that city of 1.6 million would be without any fuel sources during a longterm grid failure. There are virtually no trees in that city that provide the right kind of firewood, and those that do, would take months to dry out and season.
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Cutting Firewood Without Power Tools

The grid is down and you are out of fuel for your chainsaw and it is time for cutting firewood.  Hopefully you have stocked a few simple hand tools that will make your life a lot easier.

Anyway you look at it cutting firewood without power is hard backbreaking work.  But if you haven’t stocked the right tools, it will be even harder and more time consuming.

First, you need a good axe or two.  I recommend  both a single bitted and double bitted axes.  Preferably, have a couple of each type.  Along with these axes, you need the files and stones to keep them sharp. …

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