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Powdered Milk: Why Do You Need It In Your Storage?

powdered milkPowdered milk is something that most of us have a tendency to turn up our nose at, but in our food storage, it is an extremely versatile food that provides protein, calcium and nutrition. It also provides 80 calories per serving. Most vitamins in dried milks are present in comparable levels to those of whole milk (this does decrease with age). Vitamins A and D are not present in non-fat milk and must be supplemented.

Additionally it gives us the ability to cook a much wider variety of foods.  For instance, you can make prepper cheese and cottage cheese, as well as use it in baking, soups and hundreds of other dishes.…

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Preppers Cheese: Simple to Make From Powdered Milk

preppers cheeseThis last Saturday, I attended a Preparedness Fair put on by our local ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). There was lots of good information on various methods of food storage and preparation. One thing that I learned was how to make preppers cheese from powdered milk. It was very simple to make and tasted like an unsalted ricotta cheese. You could use it to make lasagna, macaroni and cheese and to top casseroles. In a disaster where fresh cheese wasn’t available, this would be a simple way to provide it without much work.…

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Milk Substitutes for People Who are Lactose Intolerant

milk substitutes

There are some members of my family that are lactose intolerant, so they have to avoid dairy. They normally use rice milk since it seems to agree with them but some folks use “milk” from almonds, cashews, and even hemp.

In a real emergency, milk substitutes would not be available and the supplies we have on hand would rapidly run out. We have found some recipes for milk substitutes that you can make from foods that are easy to store.

Rice milk

  • One cup cooked rice, brown rice can be used if available for a more nutritious option.
  • Four cups water
  • Dash salt
  • One teaspoon vanilla (optional)
  • One Tablespoon sweetener or to your taste


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Powdered Milk: What Kind Do You Need?

There are many different types of powdered milk on the market. They have a full range of flavors, none of which in my mind taste exactly like fresh milk. The prices vary from around $20 for a number ten can down to $8.60 for a number ten can at the LDS (Mormon) canneries.

I have heard people say that the milk from the LDS cannery is not the best tasting. Since we use most of it for cooking and not drinking, I have not been too worried about the taste. However, last year we went for over a month living off our food store and about 2 weeks or so in, I asked my wife when we were going to start using powdered milk.…

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