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Deadfalls and Snares

I am fascinated by old books written by the pioneers, and every so often, I am lucky enough to find one that gives information that is useful for preparedness.  Today I found a book written in 1907 called “Deadfalls and Snares” by A R Harding.  It is a large book on how to set and build many different types of traps, deadfalls and snares.  In addition, the book covers various methods of skinning and taking care of the hides.

The book can be downloaded from the following site for free http://www.gutenberg.org/files/34110/34110-h/34110-h.htm#C04 or purchased on Amazon for about $12.00.

This book is a good addition to your library and shows a lot of old method of making deadfalls that I have not encountered in the past. …

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