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9 Uses for Rancid Cooking Oil

9 Uses for Rancid Cooking OilNow, I won’t say that I am cheap, but I never like to see waste. I use everything that I can. As many of you know, the shelf life of cooking oils is not indefinite, so the other day I found some olive oil that was out of date. I got to thinking about alternate uses for rancid cooking oils. Here is the list of uses for old oil.

Lubricant and rust preventative.  It can be used for everything from squeaky hinges to oiling your tools. In a pinch, it would work to protect your firearms.

Lamp oil.  Oil lamps are a good alternate use for rancid oils.…

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Propane-Powered Generators: Are They the Best Choice?

Propane Powered Generators-Recently I was asked the following question by someone who wants to install a 5000-watt generator to run their home in case of a power failure:

What is the best choice for fuel, propane, gasoline or diesel?

This reader is leaning towards getting a propane-powered generator. The choices are confusing, and a guide like this one can help the newcomer to the world of generators make the best choice.

I have been doing some research on the subject and here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of all three fuels for generators: gasoline, diesel, and propane.

  • Advantages:
    •  Easily obtained
    •  Portable in small containers
  • Disadvantages:
    • Highly flammable
    • Short shelf life of fuel (approximately 12 months)
    • Storing large quantities of fuel is hazardous
    • May not be available during power outages
  • Advantages:
    • Least flammable fuel source
    • Fuel easily obtained (fuel is easier to obtain during a disaster because it is a necessary fuel for the military, trucking industry, and farming operations)
    • On site fuel delivery available
    • Designed for off-road applications and can operate on dyed or farm/construction diesel fuel which is sold without the road tax and thus is considerably cheaper to purchase.
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Bulk Storage of Gasoline and Diesel

fuel storageThe two fuels that I intent to discuss today are gasoline and diesel.  Both of them have advantages and disadvantages.  One thing you may need to take into consideration is local fire codes.  In many areas if the tank is not properly installed the fuel companies will not fill it.

Gasoline has the shortest shelf life.  The shelf life varies depending on where you live and when the gasoline is refined.  However, this can be extended be adding a fuel stabilizer such as Sta-Bil or Pri-G.  Just follow the instruction on the container.  Gasoline is arguably the most dangerous.  It has the lowest flashpoint, (the lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air). …

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Several of my friends who are sort of preppers have bought generators for emergency use. Myself I do not consider generators a high priority. It comes behind food, bandages, and self-defense. While a generator is great for short-term power outages, for long-term use it has some problems. For many of us money is a problem and we must set priorities.

I know people who have spent a thousand or more dollars on a generator and have 5 gallons of fuel on a good day. This money could have been put to better use buying food etc. Depending on where you live the use of generators may be limited by their noise and light.…

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