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8 Exit Plans Every Serious Prepper Should Have In Place

exit plans preppersMatt Drudge created a bit of a stir a couple of years ago with this Tweet:


I’ve been a Drudge Report reader for over 20 years and have often said a prayer of thanks for Matt’s consistent dedication to exposing corruption. That Tweet, though, that has been stuck in my head ever since I saw it. “Have an exit plan…”

As a prepper, I suppose I have a number of exit plans. Some are quite thorough and have become reality with marked up maps and a few bug out bags. However, Matt’s warning has recently caused me to think twice about my preparedness.…

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Emergency Radios can Save Your Life

Today I am sitting here listening to my emergency radio.  After trying several, the one I own is the Kaito Voyager KA500.   This a perfect radio for everyday use, emergencies and disasters, it comes with all the features that you need in any emergency situation.

Right now the radio is running on solar power.  The radio has several alternate power sources: solar, hand crank, batteries, USB cable, a built-in rechargeable battery pack and an AC adapter.  I have never put batteries in the radio.  I have had it for years and have always ran it off solar.  The solar works well during the day and it charges the built-in battery for nights. …

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Protecting Electronics with Faraday Cages

I have done a lot of research on Faraday Cages and feel like I am finally beginning to understand them. A Faraday Cage is designed to protect electronics from EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that can be created by high altitude nuclear explosions or solar storms.  See  previous posts on EMP. Some simple examples of Faraday cages are shown below.

  • A booster bag (shopping bag lined with aluminum foil) acts as a Faraday cage. It is often used by shoplifters to steal RFID-tagged (radio-frequency identification) items.
  • The cooking chamber of a microwave oven is a Faraday cage, made to contain the RF (radio-frequency) signals of the cavity magnetron which cooks the food.
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