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Evacuation Plans, Does Your Family have One?


Every day on the evening news, I see where many people have to evacuate their homes due to the current wildfires.  While I have never had to evacuate I have been put on notice to prepare for evacuation and understand the panic that this can cause if you are not prepared and don’t have an evacuation plan.  There are really two types of evacuations, one where the evacuation is likely to be long-term such as TEOTWAWKI or a local evacuation in which you can return even if your property is damaged or destroyed.  A wildfire, hurricane of earthquake would be an example of this.…

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Do you have an emergency plan?

Do you have an emergency plan?  If you don’t, you need one.  This can include your immediate family, extended family or friends.  The plan should be simple easy to understand and cover small to large emergencies.

The following steps should be included.

  • Make a list of whom the plan will cover.
  • Gather information on phone numbers and email addresses.  Everyone should have a contact list.
  • If possible, have an out of state number to use to leave messages.  In a localized disaster with the phones working, it is often easier to call out of state than across town.
  • Know how to use text messaging. 
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