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The Realities of an EMP Attack On This Country

EMP attackWhile I was in Utah on this last trip, I had a chance to attend the Utah Prepare Conference and Expo put on by Utah State University.  They held some great classes and one that I was able to attend was “The Realities, Response, and Recovery From EMP” taught by Jim Phillips.  His background includes being an Electronics Technician, Certified Nuclear Power Plant Operator, Standards Engineer, and Industrial Engineer.  He has done extensive studying of the problems of an EMP attack.

He feels strongly that we will suffer a devastating EMP attack within the next 15 years.  A nuclear explosion set off 30 miles about the center of the United States would take out about a dozen states. …

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EMP Attack by North Korea is a Real Possibility Says DHS Study

EMP attack

I rarely reprint items from the news, but today I will make an exception.  An EMP attack is something that has worried many of us for some time.  It is something that could bring devastation to most of the US.  The following is an article published by World Net Daily on a study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security showing that an EMP attack by North Korea is a real possibility.

This something that we all should be aware of and learn how to survive.  Here is a link to some prior information I have posted on this subject.


WASHINGTON – A long-suppressed report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for the Defense Department concludes that North Korea could deliver on its threats to destroy the United States with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack.…

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