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Everyday Carry, What do You Have in Your Pockets?

everyday carryEveryday carry is a very personal thing; it can depend on where you live, the weather and the laws on concealed carry.  In writing this article I am going to describe what I carry and why.

I probably have too much stuff in my everyday carry.  My wife laughs at me all the time because I wear pants with cargo pockets most of the time and they are usually full of stuff and look baggy. Sometimes I wish it was cool for men to carry a purse or similar bag, so I could carry more junk.  Any suggestions?

Currently I carry both an older Gerber Multi-tool and a Leatherman Wave. …

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A useful Small Survival Kit

I try to spend a lot of time hiking in the mountains, they are beautiful, but can be dangerous.  As a result, I always carry at least a pocket survival kit, if not a backpack.  The pocket kit is small and light enough to carry in the side pocket of BDU style pants.  So you can use it for everyday carry.  The following list is the contents of my kit.

  • An Otterbox, model LLC 1000
  • Two small sheets of paper for leaving notes
  • A Fresnel magnifying lens, for removing splinters, thorns and fire starting.
  • Four band-aids in two sizes for treatment of small cuts.
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