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12 Reasons Why Well Trained and Equipped People Fail to Survive

Why Trained Equipped People Fail SurviveWhen confronted with survival situations, human beings have the potential to overcome challenges, beat incredible odds, and triumph as survivors. A favorite and inspiring tale of this type of survival is of Ernest Shackleton and his men in Endurance. These men had so little in the way of food and gear, yet they managed to survive one of the most harrowing episodes in modern history.

However, there have been countless survival situations in which people fail to survive, not for lack of physical ability or resources, but because of lack of will. Survival is taking any situation, accepting it, and trying to improve it, while sustaining your life until you can get out of the situation.…

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How the Progressive Left Uses Fear to Control Us

fearOver the last 50 years, I have watched one crisis after another occur.  Each and every one of these has created fear and new regulations and laws that have affected us in some manner.  They have all resulted in a loss of rights

A list of the crisis’s that have created fear.

  • The gas and oil crisis of 1979 – I can remember when they were telling us we would run out of oil by the year 2000. We even had gas rationing, you could only buy gas on odd or even number days  depending on the number of your license plate
  • Acid rain – this was a big scare in the late 1970’s early 1980’s.
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