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If You Have to Bug Out, Don’t Become a Refugee

refugee bug outThroughout history, refugees have always been a fact of life. Whether driven from their homes by weather, a natural disaster, war, persecution, or some other event that causes their homes to become more dangerous than hitting the road. In all cases, these people have come to realize they have no other choice.

In modern-day America, we’ve seen our share of refugees in such instances as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, but who knows what future events may cause you to decide your home is no longer a safe refuge. If that time ever comes, you’ll be glad you spent time thinking through your options and doing some planning for bugging out.…

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FEMA, How it May Affect You

FEMA regions

The 10 FEMA regions

Let’s talk about FEMA (Federal Emergency management Agency) and their responsibilities.  I have been spending some time trying to figure out exactly what FEMA is doing these days.  When I was working, I would encounter people who were working for the California office of Emergency Services which works closely with FEMA

At that time, they were an umbrella agency that would become involved in a disaster at the request of the state governor.  They would then coordinate the response of outside agencies and supplies.  Fema was a relatively small agency.

The history of FEMA

FEMA was formed when President Carter’s 1979 executive order merged many of the separate disaster-related responsibilities into the Federal Emergency Management Agency.…

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