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Storing Salt and Sugar for Preserving Food

storing salt and sugarSomething that is often forgotten in people’s preps is salt and sugar. Now, the reaction of most people when I tell them to store salt and sugar, is that these are not important items. Some even make the statement that for health reasons you should not store them. I am as health conscious as most people and try to avoid things that are bad for me. However eating sugar and salt is a better option that starvation, which can occur if you are unable to preserve your foods.

My wife and I have spent quite a bit of time learning different ways to preserve foods.…

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Preserving Meat and Fish

Canned meat

Preserving food is an art that is as old as mankind.  In the last 150 years since the advent of canning, many new methods of preserving foods have been developed.  Today we have many choices that were not available to our ancestors.

Today I want to talk about the various methods that are available for preserving meat and fish.  I have broken down the various methods into six different categories.

Freezing of fish and meat.  If you live in the right climate, you may be able to use nature to freeze your food in the winter.  Other than using nature, freezing requires the use of electricity. …

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Making Sauerkraut

Chop the cabbage

Chop the cabbage

I spent this afternoon making sauerkraut. First off forget the sauerkraut you buy in the stores it is barely in the same family. It is delicious and does not have the acid taste of store bought. It is simple to make and a great way to preserve cabbage.
All it takes is a food grade plastic bucket (you can also use glass or crocks) cabbage and iodine free salt. You can’t use metal containers of any kind. Cut the cabbage into quarters and remove the stem. Slice the cabbage is approximately 1/8 inch thick slices. Place the cabbage in the bucket, every few inches add a little salt and toss the cabbage like you would a salad.…

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