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Fire Starting is a Skill You Need to Practice

fire startingI watch several of the survival shows on TV and occasionally find some good information that slips by the directors. (It seems that many of these shows are more hype than substance.) I wouldn’t want to have my life depend on what I have learned from those shows. However, there is one skill that most of them point out is extremely important and that is fire starting.

Now over the years I have talked with people who thought that they could play Daniel Boone and start a fire easily. Most of them ended up using a surprisingly large quantity of matches and never did get a really successful fire started, and this was in good weather.…

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Fire Safety and Children

fire safety

For the last seventeen years of my career in law enforcement, I was involved in arson and bomb investigation, prior to that I was on a fire department.  This resulted in being involved in investigating a number of fires that turned out to be started by children, often accidentally.  In addition, I raised several children of my own, so I feel like I have some knowledge of fire safety and children.

Here are a few facts about children and fire safety

  • Children ages 0-14 and under make up 15% of all fire deaths.
  • Fifty-four percent of all child fire deaths occur to those under age 5.
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