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More on What to look for in a Good Sleeping Bag

Here is another post from Firebob.Wiggy's sleeping bag


I have used several types of bags over the years, and have finally settled on the Wiggy’s system. I offer the following observations:

Down bags are great when weight is a consideration, and you have the ability to keep them dry. Like almost everything in the camping/preparedness/”survival” market, the quality tends to range from sublime to ridiculous poor. The first down bags I bought were obtained concurrently with a poor quality pack, and the bags weren’t much better. They were sewn through, and had linear cold places around the entire length of the bag.…

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More on Unethical Suppliers of Preparedness Gear and Foods

This is a post from a friend Firebob, he is an very knowledgeable and experienced individual.   He sent this in as a comment, however I though it should be a post.


I agree completely with the advice to beware of premade kits. I have been involved with a variety of preparedness, and lack thereof, for several decades. As background, I am an engineer by training, and also long-time firefighter, medic and outdoors guy. My early backpacking began with a pack similar in quality to, or even slightly better, than those I see in the per-assembled kits. The first time I used it, it got me the five miles INTO where I was going, then fell apart, leaving me to my imagination on repairs and getting back OUT of there with the other equipment.…

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