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Sugardine, a Great Homemade Antiseptic

Sugardine a Great Homemade Antiseptic via Preparedness Advice

For thousands of years people have survived without the use of antibiotics. Many early treatments for infected wounds involved honey. Both the Smith Papyrus of 1700 B.C. and the Ebers Papyrus of 1500 B.C. describe the treatment of severe wounds and burns with coagulated milk and honey held in place by a muslin bandage.  Later, granulated sugar was used to treat sores in both horse and humans. How these ancient people learned that both honey and sugar are effective in helping wounds heal is amazing. Today, a mixture known as sugardine in widely used to treat sores and wounds on horses. …

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A Review of the American Medical Kits Ultralight Pro First Aid Kit

I recently received a first aid kit, the American Medical Kits Ultralight Pro.  This is a lightweight kit that was developed for the use of the Yosemite Mountain Guides.  It is now available for retail sales. This is ideal for anyone who needs a light, watertight kit.  The professional-grade components found in the kit include a Laerdal® CPR Mask with O2 valve, SAM® Splint, and deep stock of bandages, dressings, and medications.

The kit is designed for groups of up to 10 people for trips up to 7 days.  It’s comes in a water resistant Ripstop case, (The colors are a bit bright for my tastes).  …

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Oral Rehydration Therapy

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) is a simple treatment for dehydration caused by diarrhea, resulting from cholera or rotavirus or other diseases.  ORT is a mixture of salts and sugars that is taken by mouth. It is used around the world.  In the developing world it saves millions of children a year from death due to diarrhea.

In 1831, intravenous hydration was first used to replace the salts and water lost from diarrhea.  The results were remarkable, and the mortality rate of cholera dropped from 70 percent to 40 percent with the use of IV solutions.

The World Health Organizations states that some home products can be used to treat and prevent dehydration.  …

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Adventure Medical Suture Syringe Kits

I like the medical kits from Adventure Medical; they contain excellent high quality supplies.  Whenever I get the opportunity, I add to my collection.  I have purchased their kits, found them in garage sales and have been given them. Recently I came across one of their Suture/Syringe kits.  The listed sales price is $80, but you can find them on the internet for less.

Adventure Medical makes a small and a large kit containing sutures.  The one I am talking about today is the large kit.  This field surgical kit contains hospital-quality field surgical instruments for closing wounds, injecting medication and starting I.V.’s. …

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First Aid for Heat-Induced Illnesses

With summer coming on it seems like a good time to post some first aid tips for heat related problems.  Just remember that it is best to avoid these problems, I will post some articles on this in the future.


Extreme heat brings with it the possibility of heat-induced illnesses. The following table lists these illnesses, their symptoms, and the first aid treatment.



First Aid

Sunburn Skin redness and pain, possible swelling, blisters, fever, headaches Take a shower using soap to remove oils that may block pores, preventing the body from cooling naturally.  I find that putting pure apple cider vinegar on mild burns is quite effective.
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The Armies Improved First Aid Kit

IFAKThis is a contest entry from From a Veteran Who Is Preparing.


Improved First Aid Kit or IFAK

Pretty much everyone has a First Aid Kit, but what is all in it or how severe of an injury can it handle?  Most are only good for your basic injuries such as cuts, scrapes, minor burns, etc…  But in a WROL or Homesteading situation that won’t be enough.  Will a couple band-aids be enough if you slip with the axe whiling chopping wood and plant it in your leg?  Will that 2″ x 2″ piece of gauze cover a severe burn to your arm from the grease you spilled from a hot cast iron pan you aren’t used to using yet? …

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A Good List of First Aid Supplies

This is a list that was forwarded to me.  I have reviewed it and feel that it is a good solid list for a kit that anyone would be lucky to have in an emergency.  Their advice on rotating certain types of dressing is excellent.  This is something that is easy to forget about.  As with any list, yours may vary depending on your expertise.  Remember all the equipment in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t have someone with the expertise to use it correctly.


I like to see these items in my ideal well-stocked first aid kit.…

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Medical Supplies for your Home

Here is a list of First Aid supplies for your home, but remember the best first aid kit is only as good as the person using it.  Take at least the Red Cross Advanced First Aid and CPR courses.  Get good reference books. (I will post a review of some in the near future).

Remember in a serious injury you will use more dressings that you ever expect.  Don’t short change yourself on supplies.

Find a good box or bag to store the supplies in.  Inspect your kit yearly, things like adhesive tape have a shelf life as well as the over the counter medicines.…

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A new look at bug out bags

This post will introduce Wyoming Steve, who will from time to time submit articles.  He is very knowledgeable on preparedness  and survival.  Sometimes our opinions will differ slightly, but that’s ok it doesn’t mean either one of us is wrong.  It just means we might approach a problem from different directions and it gives you another view point.  The following is his list for a bug out bag or seventy-two hour kit.



72 Hour Kit Checklist

Warmth and Shelter


(   ) Mylar Bags, sleeping bags (   ) First Aid Kit
(   ) Metalized Thermal Blankets (   )  First Aid Handbook
(   ) 20 Hour Hand Warmer Packets (   ) Bug Spray
(   ) Rain Ponchos (   ) Sunscreen
(   ) (   ) Dust Masks
(   ) (   ) Safety glass’   (wind)

Food & Water

Personal Needs/Sanitation

(   ) per day MRE’s (   ) Toothbrush
(   ) Water Containers (   ) Toilet Paper
(   ) Dehydrated food (   ) Diapers & (1) Wipes
(   ) Well bucket, PVC (   ) Women Personal Hygiene
(   ) Water purification (   ) Bar of Soap
(   ) Plastic bags  (large black) (   ) Comb and Gel
(   ) Mess kit (   ) Aspirin etc.
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