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Fifteen uses for five-gallon buckets

five-gallon buckets

Five-gallon buckets are cheap, easy to get and one of the most useful items to have at your home or bug out location.  Personally, I always try to keep extra buckets on hand.  My buckets are mostly food grade, but I have some non-food grade that I mark and save for other uses. Here is a link to a post that will tell you how to identify food grade buckets Food Grade Buckets and Why You Need Them.

Uses for five-gallon buckets

  1. Storing food, used with Mylar bags, they are one of the best ways to store large amounts of dried foods such as grains, legumes, sugars or dehydrated foods.
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Sealing Food in 5 Gallon Buckets

The other day I had to seal some popcorn and millet in Mylar bags and five-gallon buckets.  It is quite easy.  Open the Mylar bag and put it in the bucket.  Fill the Mylar bag with your product to about two inches from the top of the bucket.  You will notice that the bag is a lot taller than the bucket, rather than cut of the excess I seal it right on the edge.  If I open the bucket to rotate the food this leaves me plenty of material to reseal the bag.

I use an old two-foot metal hand level and an electric iron to seal the bags. …

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Storing Grains in 5 Gallon Buckets


Back in the 1960’s we used to pack our wheat and other grains in 5 gallon square metal cans with good tight fitting lids.  A little dry ice in the bottom and they were well protected against insects and other vermin.  Recently a friend of mine opened a can that they inherited that was dated as packed in the nineteen thirties.  The wheat was in good shape, they used it without any problems.  Most of the wheat packed during this era was just dumped in the can and the lid sealed.  As long as it was low moisture (below 12%) hard red winter wheat, it stored well. …

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